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Working in the second half
Working in the second half

More and more of us are working longer in our Second Half – often because we want to.

A 2019 study by Fidelity International described ‘an emerging “No Desire to Retire” generation with 45 per cent expecting to work into their 70s, and almost 1 in 10 into their 80s or beyond. ‘Today’s so-called retirees are healthier, living longer and retiring at different ages. So, it is unsurprising that people have no desire to retire and are defying traditional expectations,’ explains Maike Currie, Director for Workplace Investing at Fidelity International.

Work is good for us – and I don’t only mean financially. It gives us purpose and it help[s us to live longer, according to Dr. Howard Friedman, co-author of The Longevity Project, the result of an eight-decade study into health and longevity. ‘They didn’t work themselves to death. They worked themselves to life.’

One company that impressed me during the research for this book is the specialist over-fifties recruitment and employment business aptly named No Desire to Retire.

For the over 50s, they help people to change jobs, find new careers or get back into the workforce. They help them  to understand the value they bring to employers and the transferable skills they have acquired over the years. They help them create a CV that employers will love build their resilience, give them tips on career transition and interview techniques, assist with IT skills, demonstrate the benefits of their experience and secure the employment they desire.

For employers, No Desire to Retire helps organisations to appreciate the immense value and benefits of older workers, to remove their often sub-conscious age bias, hire older workers into both current and future vacancies, make workplace changes so that older workers can thrive, establish mentor programs and mature intern programs and advertise roles on their portal.

They “help individuals and businesses to realise the value of experience.”

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