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Energise your invaluable ‘Second Half’ employees. Engage your lucrative ‘Second Half’ customers.

Second Halfers own 75% of the private wealth. They have the most consumer spending power and they are the sector of the population that is growing the fastest.

Your 45+ employees are your greatest asset.
Your 45+ customers are your lifeblood.

They deserve more of your attention.

Campbell Macpherson: change expert

Campbell is an international business adviser on strategic change, an Executive Fellow of Henley Business School and award-winning author of The Change Catalyst (Wiley 2017), 2018 Business Book of the Year, and The Power to Change (Kogan Page 2020). You: Part Two is is his third book.

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Campbell and Jane Macpherson give keynote speeches and conduct workshops, webinars and programs based on the topics in You: Part Two.

For organisations wishing to retain and develop their invaluable Second Half employees, and

For businesses  seeking to improve their relationships with lucrative Second Half customers.

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Jane Macpherson: yoga teacher & therapist

After a successful international marketing career, Jane became a dedicated yoga teacher and yoga therapist 16 years ago. She conducts group classes, private lessons and yoga therapy sessions from her studio in Cheltenham, England. And yoga retreats worldwide. You: Part Two is her first book.

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Tailor solutions to meet the needs of your Second Half customers and employees

  • Gifts for your custoemrs
  • Gifts for your employees
  • Your logo on the front cover
  • Foreword from your CEO
  • Helping your customers and employees to thrive
  • Speeches to customers and employees
  • Thriving in your Part Two
  • Finding Purpose
  • Extending Your Prime
  • Money …
  • Clarify the needs, wants and aspirations of your Over 50 customers and employees
  • Develop a bespoke strategy
  • Culture change & awareness
  • Action plan
  • Enhance your marketing to Over 50s demographic
  • New products and innovations
  • Attract and retain valuable customers
  • Awareness workshops for employees
  • Workshops for Part Two customers
  • Enabling them to thrive in Part Two
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