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Embracing change
Embracing change

Your Part Two is all about change, and Part Two of the book is dedicated to the topic.

Our bodies are changing, our minds are changing, our hormones are changing, our relationships are changing, our identities are changing, our lives are changing, our livelihoods are changing. Or they are about to.

Change should be nothing to fear; it is an inevitable part of life. However, major change can be tough, even when we know it is coming.

Our ability to embrace the inevitable and innumerable changes that lie ahead is the most important factor in determining our ability to thrive in the second half of our lives, and it is a skill that can be learnt and honed. Yes, some of us are naturally more resilient when it comes to change, the way that some people are better at drawing or running or sudoku. But every one of us can improve our resilience immeasurably. And we must if we wish to thrive in our second half.

This chapter is a condensed and updated version of the content I have been using in my ‘Leading Change’ and ‘Embracing Change’ workshops for many years. For a more detailed exploration of the subject, may I suggest turning to The Power to Change (Kogan Page 2020).