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As we cover in Chapter 6, ‘Menopause v MenoPorsche‘, menopause is all about change, and the changes can be profound.

While some women sail through menopause, so many others find it to be the most difficult time of their lives. The vast majority of menopausal women struggle at work.

But it can also be an extraordinarily exciting time for a woman; an opportunity for women to go from being the nurturers to looking after themselves for a change. The new approach to this once taboo subject is, in a real sense, the fourth wave of feminism.

The chapter contains a great deal of insight about coping, and even embracing, the menopause, how yogic philosophy and practice can be of enormous help, the benefits of HRT and the different types of HRT that are coming on to the market.

Download Jane’s section on menopause from Chapter 6 here! Excerpt on menopause from You: Part Two

Jane’s BBC Radio interviews on World Menopause Day can be found here: 

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