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Is it really half time already? How on Earth did that happen?!

Welcome to your Part Two and welcome to the portal we have compiled exclusively for you. It is full of videos, downloads, articles, self-assesments and insight to help you to thrive in the second half of your life.

The second half of any story is always the most exciting. This portal has been designed to help you to make the most of your experience and make your Part Two fulfilling and rewarding.

This isn’t the beginning of the end. It’s merely the end of the beginning. Bring it on!

A welcome message from our CEO


It’s only a number
Fabulous 40s
50 years young
Super 60s and 70s
80s and beyond
Overcoming ageism
The Power of Attitude


Menopause v MenoPorsche
Changing Relationships
How we react to change
Embracing Change
Building Resilience
Radical Acceptance


Your employment rights
Taking control of your career
Changing careers
Honing your EQ skills
Transitioning from full-time
Starting your own business


Extending your prime
Physical wellbeing
Nutrition for Part Two
Mental wellbeing
Yoga and mindfulness
The Holy Grail of Contentment


Funding your Part Two
How much will I need?
Demystifying financial services
Pension Matters
Tips from a FS insider
Find an adviser you trust


My Personal SWOT
DIY Life Coach online
You Tomorrow
Purpose & Relevance
Speak to a life coach

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Starting a business?

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The Power of Yoga

Strength and flexibility – of mind and body

YPT Online Programme

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You: Part Two

The book’s genesis and contents

Media Interviews

Including interviews on BBC Radio across the UK

Cotswold Life

Don’t call me old and irrelevant!

Thrive Global

“Believe in yourself and each other”

Our online Life Bot!

Engage with our AI Life Coach

For the over fifties and over 50s.

This is our time to shine.

For the over fifties and over 50s.

In an ageing society that is ironically obsessed with youth, we Second Halfers have no intention of fading away. This is our time to shine. We are healthy, vibrant and brimming with as-yet-unfulfilled dreams, hopes and plans. We may be in our forties, fifties, sixties and beyond, but we are fifty years young, not fifty years old.

This portal is designed to help you combat ubiquitous ageism, extend your prime, build resilience, embrace change, define your Part Two and work out how to make it happen – and how to fund it. It will introduce you to the concept of ‘radical acceptance’. It will help you find purpose and contentment. It discusses the menopause and the much paler male mid-life crisis that we have labelled ‘MenoPorsche’. It will help you thrive at work in your second half, change careers or start your own business.

It will help with financial planning, pensions and funding your second half. It will give you tips on investing, including to take notice of fees, keep things simple, diversification, insurance and finding a financial adviser you trust. It demystifies the world of financial services.

It will help you define and plan your Part Two. It will introduce you to Ikigai, the ancient Japanese framework for finding your purpose. It will help you develop your Part Two plan.

Most of all, it will help you to thrive in the second half of your life.

Life is exquisitely and achingly
Too short to waste regretting the past.
Too short to waste worrying about the future.
Your time is now.
Cherish and nurture your family, your friendships;
all the relationships that are important
to you.
Find good tribes.
Like yourself. Treat yourself with kindness. Believe in yourself.
Laugh well, love well, live well.
Give back.
Become the person you always wanted to be; the one that has been within
you all this time.
Accept and embrace the changes that come your way
and thrive.

Excerpt from You: Part Two – thriving in the second half of your life (Hachette 2021)

For the over fifties and over 50s.