No Desire to Retire

Specialist recruitment services for ‘over 50s’ and for organisations looking to attract experienced talent.

“There is a wealth of untapped over 50s talent in the UK. Around 800,000 people aged 50 and over would like to be in work but aren’t.” – Natasha Oppenheimer, CEO, No Desire to Retire.

Looking for a job? Looking for a change of career? May I suggest specialist over 50s recruiter, No Desire to Retire.

“We help our members to change jobs, find new careers or get back into the workforce” explains Natasha. “We help them to set themselves up for success, to prepare their route forward, understand the value they bring to employers and the incredible transferable skills they have acquired over the years. We help them to create a CV that employers will love, help them build their resilience, give them tips on career transition and interview techniques, assist with IT skills and show them how to demonstrate the benefits of their experience. Finally, we help them to apply and secure the employment they desire.”

They also help organisations to appreciate the immense value and benefits of older workers. Natasha and her team help employers to remove their often sub-conscious age bias, hire older workers into both current and future vacancies, make workplace changes so that older workers can thrive, establish mentor programs and mature intern programs as well as, of course, advertise roles on their portal.and work with partners to promote the benefits of a multi-generational workplace for the good of our society.

The business was established back in 2012 with a focused two-pronged purpose of helping those of us aged 50 and over to find employment, and helping organisations hire 50+ workers. The business now has over 30,000 members using their service and over 300 employer relationships.

“We help individuals and businesses to realise the value of experience.”

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