Family Risk Report

Is your will in order? What do you want to happen after you die?

60% of UK adults don’t even have a will, which means that 30 million Brits leave a parting gift of delay and in-fighting in their wake. As a contentious probate specialist, FRisk Founder and CEO, Martin Holdsworth spends his life mopping up the consequences of ‘disorganized deaths’.

“In virtually every dispute I have dealt with, there comes a realisation by the affected family that, if only their loved one had put plans in place during life, then all the financial, emotional and litigious suffering could have been avoided.”

So together with one of the most professional financial advisers I have personally had the pleasure to meet, Sandro Forte, Martin created FRisk to help all of us get our affairs in order – quickly and easily online. Financial advisers, lawyers and employee benefit providers across the UK are now including FRisk’s service as part of their offering to their clients.

And it is so easy to use! With a few simple questions, FRisk generates a personalised interactive Family Risk Report telling the user exactly what would have happened ‘if we had died yesterday’ and takes into account a host of factors including deciding which family members would and wouldn’t inherit, property ownership, inheritance tax liability, predicted funeral costs, guardianship, parental responsibility issues for unmarried fathers, …

FRisk’s marketplace then provides a free, no-obligation introduction to a panel of accredited providers who can deliver the necessary services.

FRisk is a wakeup call for the millions of people with no will or protection in place for their own death.

FRisk is a FREE intuitive web app that produces a FRisk Score confirming the level of risk your family and loved ones face were you to die without effective planning in place.

You can create your own report and discover your personal FRisk score by visiting their website’s Sign-Up page.

I highly recommend it.

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