Care 360

Find the right care home for your loved one – in Australia.

The search for the right care home is difficult, cumbersome and often done in a state of heightened anxiety. And it is not solely about cost – far from it. It isn’t solely about vacancies, either. During the first wave of Covid, vacancies in some care home skyrocketed – but for all the wrong reasons.

Every prospective care home resident has their own, unique criteria. For some, the most important factor is dementia care (and that comes in so many grades). For others it is the quality of the facility or its grounds, environs and outlook. For others it is the food, and perhaps even the wine on offer. What is the culture of the provider like? There are is a wide range from a focus on safety and medication to those who view their residents as guests rather than patients and treat them accordingly, doing their very best to make the last few months or years of their residents’ lives as independent and fulfilling as possible.

But where to start? How to find this sort of information and find the care home that is right for my loved one?

In Australia, the answer is Care 360.

Care 360 is an Australian service that helps you to find the care home that is right for your loved one with additional services to make the entire angst-ridden
process as stress-free as possible.

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